IJSBA Skat-Trak world final 2000

The trouble which was not weather occurred to the HAVAS of this year.

Thing that player who should remain in final in each class cannot advance to final due to some troubles etc.
Comeback from long, long slump.
It is digit player's world title being said the second place stopping.

Pro R/A1200 S/S

Player kanamori is a preliminary contest dropping in 1200 runner class due to the machine trouble.
From hall shot to Nicholas winner, and leaving others far behind

Pro Ski785 S/S

There were Nicholas' being not able to go out to final Heat 2 to disqualify in the ski class.
[It] starts and Nicholas are stopping in the vicinity of the final buoy of an inside outside lane which the star player joins one after another by the first confluence in a top group.; The engine cannot be started because Dezarcord flies, it is torn off, and does not exist at hand.;
Though Nicholas come there by the ship of the rescue, appeal many times when it is necessary to pass Dezarcord; Nicholas began to run by being one depriving the rescue boat of Dezarcord because there was no reason where the rescue had preliminary Dezarcord.;
It was not possible to take it though it was thought that seeing of this accident in animation was more interesting in reality the video's [it] brought in and [it] not having existed.

Nicholas in GO

It is a team Nicholas in the challenge with the race director 2 Heat ahead.

Jef is WIN. Get the World Title.

And, it might be finding of Jeff's world title after all.
It is a place which two Victor sank in Jeff who reached a goal in the top from the back in the clinging water.
When Jeff received checar in the top, only this one piece was able to be taken because it was late also for me to applaud as terrible applause happened because of the hall and to take the photograph.

After all, Jeff suits a white character "1" of blak bese.

Pro Women Ski Ltd

When it is understood that the applause of the hall is being sent to me without , oneself is the pleasure externals even if the digit reaches a goal being said the second place myriad year stopping and world The Champ of Womenski of this year is "Aria Jones", and Heat 2 reaches a goal in the top in Heat 1 this year to the goal of Heat 2 in the first place by the second place in being able to take the title of the wish.

Her mechanic is some world titleholders' building pointers, and because [it] is a rider who can do the thing that he also piles up the spectator, [it] wants you to return to the starting line.

Pro R/A 785 S/S

Those who find it the title about this year might be rider in Morocco, and those who find the title other than the American be three public notices following kanamori and Nicholas.

Pro-Am Sport S/S

There were a lot of participants and [it] became a fierce battle class most in the thing named the professional and amateur .

I think the upsurge of the skiing class for the spectator to crowd this year, to crowd a lot of people, and for this , cause to be raised by [it]. [It] sees and the skiing class is the 1st in the interesting one.; Because 1200 runners do not monotonously have the battle of side-by-side even if the water spray in the speed and the corner sees only with good, the interest is missed.; 785 runners can still see battle and are more interesting.

The photograph and other pages improve one by one.

Victor"Slasher"Sheldon | Chris"Mack attack"MacClugage

Dustin"King D"Farthing |Chris "Fish"Fischetti

Nicolas Rius | Tera Laho

Jeff "Jamaer"Jacobs | kawasaki | Yamaha | sea-doo