2001 Skat-Trak IJSBA lake HABASU world final

A course this year is course which a straight line is only a home straight and wrote S characters with a loose back straight, a slalom course is also long and between buoys is .... A straight line is a course setup out of which the difference of an arm tends to come few. There was activity of the cause or riders other than WOUKS. In a skiing class and 1200 runners, it was very interesting especially.

Skiing class
Although there was a 36-person list out of which many riders had also come this year, there were some persons who are not coming. (I think a terrorism relation.)
Although B 52 RENAUD URBAIN was carrying out the good run also in it till the middle stage, it retreated in the engine trouble.



@ In heat 1, giblets controlled heat 1 on the last target which did the run to the extent that it has sweaty palms by the battle in which Jeff, giblets, and number B-52 should extract, or that it is sufficient should blunder. Incidentally some are always carried out, and by the mistake of a start, there is committing Nicholas, catches up from the direction of back, and is the 4th place.

HEAT. 2 which had escaped as if Nicolas dispelled in heat 2 is Jeff. Although giblets were also regarded as whether the top is run till the middle stage and the first world title can be taken, it retreated in the machine trouble in the middle stage.

Moreover I say although it says that it is strong as usual or being put with synthesis or it is Jeff, 1 is also attached to a black material next year.

Heat 2 start image
Inside | Outside

Runner BAUTO 1200

Since it is in the state which thinks that the reason which was interesting as for 1200 runners this year is in a course setup and which does not almost have a straight line, it is thought from the difference of a machine that it is easy to come out of the difference of an arm. Each heat cannot be found and, moreover, the player of Italy which is not at WOUKS punched Mac for it from back by heat 1 by the frequenter player (this was a very interesting situation).

©it is the moment that Mac is extracted.
Although it thought whether the player of Italy would take a world title by heat 2, truly, a veteran, Mac, and giblets from both the this player's sides at a start, and are a double reverse injection ... start and Tail end. " A young bud early it can crush " an attack It considered and whether it would be called a strategy victory, and was able to laugh. -- final -- this player is the 4th place of synthesis Nicolas -- considering -- "black" -- it was caught -- some are carried out as usual and it commits

Runner BAUTO 785

Although the player good at this class this year had come also out of FISH as which a battle was not regarded few and synthesis 1 is [ FISH ] fur JINGU

Sport class

although the player of a tie who is the championship of fur JINGU was running the top till the middle stage, the veteran won

Skiing Women

It could laugh at how far "A LIA JONES" who is the championship of routine "TERA LAHO" can ride by KAWASAKI, and the place which becomes late about the ability to seldom have ridden although it was pleasure, or becomes early as the turbo was suddenly effective, and was interesting. Also for this time, this class is Japanese cancer .

6 place winning-a-prize" OOSUMI YOSHIE"

1200 runner Women

It is the championship of a KARIN PATUREL.


Victor"Slasher"Sheldon | Chris"Mack attack"MacClugage

Dustin"King D"Farthing |Chris "Fish"Fischetti

Nicolas Rius | Tera Laho

Jeff "Jamaer"Jacobs | Dustin motzouris

kawasaki | Yamaha | sea-doo | Polaris