Dustin Farthing

Pro Runabout 785 superstock results is 1nd. Pro Runabout 1200 superstock results is 2st.

As for it having been close, having seen his run and having considered it, roughness is conspicuous if the corner and straight line in which his riding is sharp and shines are also shaken off from a boat in the end by practices to full open and full open at the corner in a race. a SEA-DOO time -- better Now, farthing of following of Nicholas the convention was [ Nicholas ] wonderful riding and who precedes by MOTO1 pushes repeatedly, and rolls up from outside by left turn of remainder 3 buoy of the last lap. an inn by right turn very A being beautiful top is taken and it is the moment of a problem then in a left turn of the last buoy.

The support to which he seems to have hit the shoulder hard by pushing out his boat to a beach after this made it the business which takes out the boat which did not carry out stripes to he who ran immediately and went up from the hall to the shore which is the storm of booing to Nicholas riding on a boat immediately, and which support went up to the shore to the water surface, and rides on him, and he went to the goal only on the right.

1998year photo or 1997 year photo