POLARISIt is the stand rise model of POLARIS.

There is much of the part of SJ.
A handle pole (external aluminum), a fuel tank,
It is CHAMBA (FACTORY old SJ pipe) etc.
The cab same as engine arrangement is ARESUTA of a mesh in MIKUNI 44. SJ

Already, it is pure and the part of the Limited grade sticks.
It is the engine finished compactly and is the engine currently used also for runner.
A horsepower is 100H.P. Since insurance becomes high, do I want you to make it in Japan 99H.P. of nominal value?
Supposing I buy it, does the exhaust gas of R&D exchange CHAMBA for the type which turns upwards from the bottom first?
(It is likely to be attached, if it is CHAMBA of SJ and does not interfere in a hull.)

And it seems to be 12 BEN type of YAMAHA which is Magnum pump ? as [ which is a pump ] seen.
A light plate is a product made from carbon.

I think that the size of the deck itself this with width wide [ a hull ] about 5cm is [ itself ] because the portion of a keel is larger than YAMAHA and KAWASAKI does not change.

The thing with heavy except for SJ being 291 and SXi-pro being 342 and KAWASAKI weight is [ KAWASAKI ] 300 pounds was found. (1 pound = 0.4kg)

Since [ this ] HARUSAIDO is YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, and because the angle is attached more, the reason the development back with original Hull is imagined and a bank thinks at a corner that it is effective compared with SJ can lay down a ship, can be crowded, and it thinks that a keel (the adhesion side of lower Hull, it must have read like this surely the top ?) comes to bite the water surface (there is width about twice with this larger portion than YAMAHA and KAWASAKI).
Since the position of mount itself changed for SJ pole of an external article this year as vertical adjustment can do this in Kawasaki-racing which is because a ship will be shaken on the water surface it was ruined when it and here where that the root of a handle pole is high worried him were high is high, it seems to be difficult to lower more than this.

Although it saw holding the trial ride meeting for stores by HABASU on Saturday morning, I say that top speed is natural, or about the same speed as the Limited has come out.

And so so, skill can be done in full open and, but bends obediently.

It is pleasure about whether who will ride by this model next year and it participates in tour.


The Limited was set. (An external game bar, head)